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Please join us for this critical conversation between scholar-activists Noura Erakat (Rutgers-NB), Marc Lamont Hill (CUNY Graduate Center), and Nick Estes (University of Minnesota). They will discuss the ongoing assault on Gaza, address how anti-blackness and settler colonialism shape our current discourse on Palestine, and highlight long histories of solidarity between Black, Indigenous, and Palestinian struggles. The conversation will be moderated by Sylvia Chan-Malik (Rutgers-NB).

***Watch the recording of the event below and on our Youtube channel***

We encourage participants to learn more about our speakers’ writing, speaking, and organizing around Palestine through these links:

Nick Estes: “Working Towards Indigenous Liberation from Turtle Island to Palestine”

Marc Lamont Hill: Excerpt from Except for Palestine: The Limits of Progressive Politics

Noura Erakat: Excerpt from Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine

Noura Erakat & Marc Lamont Hill: “Black-Palestinian Transnational Solidarity: Renewals, Returns, and Practice”

New Location:

Thursday, December 7, 2023
4:30 – 6:00pm
Loree Classroom Building, Room 24
Cook/Douglass Campus
72 Lipman Drive
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


Learn more about our Speakers